We want to welcome and are now offering ceramic classes and studio time at our Roslyn location. You can learn to use the potter’s wheel  or to sculpt and hand build your own masterpiece. Learn to glaze your pieces as well.

Classes are open to the public for all skill levels, with flexible studio times and pricing. We offer a full range of classes for adults and children, including, introductory and private lessons.

Jeri Lynn is an accomplished Artist and ceramicist . She teaches both kids and adults of all skill levels. Class will introduce you to basic artistry of working clay on the potters wheel and will provide you with the understanding of what it takes to use the wheel.

We have over 200 ceramic molds or choose from our existing bisque ceramics that are hand poured, cleaned, fired and ready for your painting and glazing needs.



Jeri Lynn Lockwood grew up with a passion for crafts. At the tender age of 12 she took classes at a local community center that offered painting and in high school she delved in art classes and her devotion for the arts intensified twice fold.She explored in everything from painting to leather tooling and sewing alike, eager to master everything her hands touched.

Jeri Lynn went on to college and majored in designer craftsmen with an emphasis in ceramics and 3D design.

With a keen mind and good business sense, after college Jeri Lynn and a girlfriend started a handbag company called “Side Pocket”which went on to be featured in hit shows such as , Love Boat and Charlies Angels .

These unique Handbags bared applique embellishments and trapunto embroidery which carried on the 3D design she studied in college.

Unfortunately “Side Pocket” did not make it through the 80’s recession and Jeri Lynn for many years worked in the real estate industry  along with launching a career in designing and building homes.

During this time, Jeri Lynn inherited a group of molds from her husbands grandmother Toby Paulson who lived in British Columbia. She carried the treasured molds around with her for 14 years and then 8 years ago she set up a ceramic studio and pursued her passion for clay.

Jeri Lynn’s inspiration flourished with her first art mentors but her true inspiration and admiration was Toby.

Identical in many  qualities as Jeri Lynn, Toby was an intelligent and very talented artist in her own right who created beautiful pieces  well into her 80’s.

Tobys zest and passion for all things creative was the greatest inspiration for jeri lynn.

“I find a sense of pride being a ceramicist because i can carry on the tradition of working with clay while expressing my love for handmade ceramics and hope to inspire the students coming in for classes with the same passion, specifically that Art is being taken out of the curriculum in schools. Everyone should enjoy art whether their talented or not, everyone has their own niche and we must encourage that”.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Until Next Time







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