This is my favorite part of my job. When we take a glance at what a space once was & see how a slew of ideas & hard work transformed into an end result we are so proud of. It’s so marvelous when you wrap up a project, feeling a sense of accomplishment and your client is immensely happy with their new and improved space. There is nothing quite like that merriment.

Our mission was to transform this downtown Seattle Condo that lacked life, personality and most crucial, storage into a cozy, stylish abode befitting its owners busy lifestyle. With a beautiful Japanese Garden that is within view throughout the space, it was essential to bring a little piece of that sanctuary inside.BANQUETTE WALL



By being clever with the space in a small area, we created a custom Banquette seating with 3 large drawers beneath in the Dining room area that is purposeful & utterly functional. We added comfort & interest by choosing fabrics that have different textures, color & pattern to create a subtle contrast and visual significance.
It all began with Sketches and a Vision:

IMG_2534 IMG_2554










Likewise, rather than letting precious space go unused & keeping in mind the necessity of storage, we designed a wall to wall Buffet unit with base Cabinets & Floating Shelves. Whether cozying up to read a Novel on a rainy day or entertaining, this corner Nook is a Gem!

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A one of a kind Glass, Wood & Metal Dining Table was designed & locally built with impeccable craftsmanship takes center stage as the Star of the show. Black walnut legs skillfully intertwine & a 72mm Hewlitzer Shell previously used for Avalanche control at Alpental Summit floats in the center.



To finish off this lovely alcove, we precisely chose & hung this architecturally inspired Chandelier that is a wonder in itself, floating majestically defining the space with personality & style.








To create a flow into the Living room, the design approach was to turn it into a complementary feature of the over-all design of the house, in particular, the adjoining Dining room. The main component of tying these two rooms together, was color. Our client loves color, so we obliged.


We used rich umber, chartreuse, crimson red & amber in the upholstery & Pillows to connect the two rooms together. There is a sense of flow & cohesion between them that is contemporary classic.
Our client is an avid art lover who owns many pieces she has collected during her travels. She requested of us to try and incorporate into the space. Therefore, we created a gallery Art wall above the Sofa that is specifically striking. It gives the room a sense of drama & depth making the room seem more spacious than it really is.
Likewise, in the Living room, we built one and the same Cabinets that are in the Dining room to create a unique entertainment unit using cubes, drawers and shelving to bear a custom look . Now our client has an abundance of storage including plenty of display space.
This Walnut live edge & metal custom Cocktail Table further adds to the scene. A great way to bring an organic feel into this contemporary space. We used the same Hewlitzer Shells for the legs for a unified front. Having a family history in the Snoqualimie Pass area, our Client has fond memories of her time there .The legs on the Cocktail Table & Dining room Table center accent are close to home and very endearing.






DSCN7662 DSCN7663













We set out to create a livable, functional & polished space. This Condo is practical as it is stylish. Its about putting together eclectic pieces that work & make the space feel comfortable, warm & livable. This space has soul, warmth & personality with super chic high style. Mission accomplished! Until Next Time Have a great weekend everyone!


























Custom Carpentry-Artisan Technologies, Ryan Oglesby

Upholstery-Vicki Sargent

Photography-Pain in the Glass Productions, Alex Mikel